Discovering the Yangta Pu’er Tea Area: History, Characteristics, and Tea Gardens

Located in the mountainous area of Yunnan Province, the Yangta(秧塔) Natural Village is an excellent place for tea cultivation. Its white tea, specifically the Yangta Dabai Tea, is a must-try for tea enthusiasts. With an altitude of 1750 meters and abundant annual precipitation, Yangta is suitable for growing tea, as well as corn, wheat, and beans.

Discovering the Yangta Pu'er Tea Area

Yangta’s Dabai Tea originated from Jinggu Dabai Tea, a type of ancient tea tree that has evolved from a wild plant to a cultivated one. Today, it is one of the largest amino acid species in Yunnan and has significant value. Yangta white tea has also gained prominence in recent years, with Jinggu County alone having around 110,000 mu of plantations. Its excellent quality has made it one of the pillar industries in Minle Town.

Discovering the Yangta Pu'er Tea Area

Yangta tea gardens mainly produce Pu’er tea from the Dacun, white elephant, peach, and folk music varieties. The 114 hectares of ancient tea mountains, which include Dacun Yangta Dabai Tea and Baixiang Village Dayezi Tea, produce some of the world’s oldest white tea trees. Yangta Pu’er tea has the appearance of plump, compact strips covered with white hairs. It has a light smell of plum and a clear, oily, and shiny soup that is green and yellow. Its taste is mellow and sweet, slightly bitter, and resistant to brewing.

Discovering the Yangta Pu'er Tea Area

The Yangta Pu’er Tea has a rich history that dates back to the Qing Dynasty, and it is one of the few tribute teas in Pu’er with clear historical records. Yangta’s profound tea culture, Yi family fire pool tea baking, and Yangta moonlight white tea and other customs are an essential part of the industry’s success. The tea’s excellent quality and unique characteristics have made it a must-try for all tea lovers.


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